sandra american mutt founder


Sandra Allison, one of the American Mutt USA Founders is a former Corporate America procurement professional with over twenty years’ experience in seeking out qualified vendor partners. When Made in America started fading and companies looked for cheaper ways to produce their products and sacrificed quality, she realized her career was not fun anymore. She had to make some changes.

All her life dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, and even chickens have been her besties.  Years she settled for pet products with poor quality, were disposable, and inferior to people products. Again, something needed to change.

Through a combined effort with her friends and family, Sandra started seeking out top quality products that people or pets could use.  Made in America became her first criteria, followed by, quality over quantity, durability over disposable, customer service over disservice.

She is committed to finding the best products for you and your pets.  Her customers are you and your pets, and she looks forward to meeting you at one of the events she will attend.


Robert Brown, DVM, the other American Mutt USA Founder, was raised on a dairy farm in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and went on to realize his dreams of becoming a veterinarian.

He attended Virginia Tech majoring in Biology and earned his veterinary degree in 1971 from the University of Georgia.

DoctorBrown founded Cherrydale Veterinary Clinic in Arlington, Virginia in 1972.  His variety of entrepreneurial interests include; futurist studies, international consulting in the area of business/management/human relations, multiple business ownership, forestry, naturalist, and environmental work, food safety, Angus beef farming, and real estate investing.  He has a real passion for improving the quality of life of people, animals, and the environment both local and global made him decide to be one of the founders.  He has an intense devotion to his family – wife of 49 years, Donna, children, and grandchildren, and loves all the animals in his life including wildlife.

Being the American Mutt USA Founders was not as easy as 1-2-3. It takes a lot of passion especially among pet and perseverance to achieve a great quality product for everyone.