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National Siamese Cat Day

April 6 is National Siamese Cat Day. Let us celebrate this day with our cat lover friends. But did you know that Siamese word came from Thailand? It was known as Siam. It is one of the oldest Asian cat breeds. During ancient times, it was only the Royal family who can own/pet this kind […]

What’s New: People and Pet Products

American Mutt USA is a reliable source of handcrafted items particularly for People and Pets that are made in USA for global production. We assure to provide you the best quality products for your pets and loved ones. We made sure that our products are exclusive, unique and in its best. For more information, visit […]

Respect your cat day

Today, we celebrate another pet holiday for our furry loved ones and it is National Respect Your Cat Day! Almost all of us like cats and they are really adorable. Just for today, let us celebrate this day with them. There are different ways to celebrate this day. 5 ways to show respect to your […]

National Poison Prevention Week

March 17 to March 23 is National Poison Prevention Week. It was the 87th United States Congress who passed the resolution about this celebration on the 26th of September 1961 and President John F. Kennedy was the one who approved and proclaimed the 3rd week of March as National Poison Prevention Week. Here in American […]